Robert Xie has spent his first night behind bars as a convicted killer in Sydney’s Silverwater prison. Xie was found guilty of murdering five of his wife's relatives, including two young boys, more than seven years after the family was bludgeoned in their Sydney home.The 53-year-old murdered the relatives of his wife Kathy Lin in their North Epping home in the early hours of July 18, 2009, a New South Wales Supreme Court jury found today after eight days of deliberations.
Ms Lin defended her husband’s innocence while speaking to reporters outside her home this morning.  "He's innocent, definitely, no doubt," Ms Lin insisted as she prepared to leave in her car for the first of many visits to see him behind bars. “Yes, I will visit him, and I will also visit him tomorrow,” she said.
The Crown case argued that Xie "had been motivated by jealousy and resentment towards his brother-in-law over Xie’s perceived subordinate status within his extended family.The Crown alleged that Xie was also motivated by a desire to gain access to a young woman, who later made sexual assault allegations against him, which he denies.Xie used a hammer-like object to inflict horrific head injuries on his newsagent brother-in-law Min Lin, 45; Min's wife Lily, 43; her sister Irene, 39; and the Lins' two sons, Henry, 12, and Terry, nine.As the jury members left after delivering their verdict, Xie told them: “I did not murder the Lin family, I am innocent”.His wife Kathy, whose sister was among those killed, began to cry. She has maintained her support for him throughout the trial.The grandmother of the dead Lin children wailed as she left court, holding newspaper articles about the case.The children's grandfather held pictures of some of the family members.
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